Quick Interview Tips

Take notes - either by writing them down or mentally

Do not ask questions about or discuss compensation with the interviewer

Do not speak in general terms - be very specific in detail
  • Remember STAR:
  • Situation -
  • Task -
  • Action -
  • Result -

Do not speak poorly of previous experiences or employers

Be prepared for situational, behavioral, and technical questions
(See Basic HR/Behavioral Type Questions)

Show enthusiasm - this will distinguish you from the competition

Show interest - be proactive and not just reactive: ask insightful questions to uncover details about the job, company, interviewer, and what skills and experience are important to the interviewer

Do your research- Most companies take pride in their organization and expect that potential candidates are highly interested in working there. The best way to show interest in the organization and flatter your potential employer is to know as much about them as possible through research. Through this research you can formulate educated questions that will show you’ve done your homework.

Convey confidence
- It is human nature to associate confidence with competence

Know your resume - Review your resume and be able to answer all questions relating to what, why and when.

Don’t ramble – keep your responses to 1 to 2 minutes, proving adequate detail to support your focused responses.

Prepare some questions - This shows you’re engaged and focused!
  • Ask: A technical question, based either on the job description or anything you learned
  • Ask:  "Did I answer your question to the right level of detail or would you like clarification on anything?"
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time and express interest if you truly would like the position