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Keep Your Resume Updated

When you are working at a company, organization or on your own, it is important to keep your skill sets updated because as you are investing time and effort the return should be your skill set improves one way.
I will not forget that I spent several years at a company, I remember one morning I woke up and as I was making breakfast I thought to myself, "my skill set at this company is actually less than what it was when I first started". As life changed I found myself in a situation where I needed to move, so I started to look at different opportunities and I found myself needing to take a lesser role than what I was currently doing.

With this in mind one of the best ways to keep your skill set updated is by keeping your resume updated and keep it "out there".

Here's why:
1. As you working on your own or for a company you could possibly write your resume with just some simple points. For example let's say you will be working or are working on a Windows upgrade project, you could simply add this project to your resume as a rough draft bullet point (to be further refined later). This way as the project goes on you can fill your resume with anything new you learned or any skills you learned as this will also serve as a talking point. Additionally any new skills that you learn as you go on working can be added as rough draft bullet points.

2. Keeping your resume "out there". A site like LinkedIn is a good choice, the reason is that it is not an official job hunting site, as such it may not throw up any red flags with your current employer. The main reason however I recommend to keep your resume out there is for the simple fact that potential recruiters and employers may contact you, and you can start a dialog in regards to what you are currently doing, and how it may fit or not fit with other roles at their organization. 

Overall it's important to make sure that what you are doing today is transferable to other areas, as you can see from my experience, it's important to progress in your career so the doors would be wide open for your journey.