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A recruiter asked me to send over my CV, what is a CV?

In a nut shell a CV (Curriculum Vitae) can sometimes be interchangeable with a resume. So if you are a working professional, working in the United Stated and asked by a recruiter for your  "CV" they simply mean to please send them your resume.

Now there is a reason why I wrote "Working Professional in the United States". Basically CV's are mostly used in other countries that are located in Asia, Europe, etc. Countries outside the United States use CV's for the most part.

A CV is just like a resume, it includes skills and experience, however it differs because it includes information about academic institutions background, various degrees and certifications, various awards, any publications and presentations, etc. in detail. With all this CV's are also much longer than resumes.

Now finally CV's are used here in the United States for those working in academic institutions and the medical profession instead of resumes