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A Recruiter wants me to come in for an interview but won't tell me the name of the company. What should I do?

We would tell you if you are truly interested in the position as described in the job listing or by the recruiter to go in, and see what it is all about.

More details:

A lot of times recruiters call and tell you that they have a position and will describe the position to you, and send you an email as to what it is all about. However, the one the thing they may not do is tell you the name of the company.  This is typical, because they do not want you attempting to contact the company directly. In these cases we recommend that you talk to the recruiter and tell them something like this:

"If I come in, present myself well and if you and I both feel this will be a good fit, I would like to know the name of the company, before you present me to them."

A lot of recruiters need to show they are working to their superiors. So what a recruiter may do is have candidates comes in just to show they are working, and so though there may or may not be a position, if you make all the effort to go in they are under no obligation to tell you the name of the company. 

Besides to a be a great job seeker, you should know what company some recruiter is presenting you to. For example, what if you don't like the company in general? What if you know someone there that you know you cannot work with? etc.

You made the effort to go down to talk to the recruiter they should at least tell you where you they are presenting you to, additionally you are giving out your personal information, references, resume, etc. you don't just want to give that out to anyone.

One last thing:

There are some very rare cases that there is a contract in place between the recruiter and the actual hiring company, where under no circumstances can they reveal the name of the company. If the recruiter explains this, then it is your choice to feel out the genuineness of this statement made. You can do this by simply checking his or her Linked In profile, and seeing their recommendations, who's in their network, and if you know anyone who knows this recruiter to ask for advice. Otherwise, you may want to consider staying home and spending the time looking for other potential employers, if you these statements are not genuine.