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Does applying for jobs online work?

Yes it really does work!

I've had the opportunity to review a few blog posts by some HR recruiters and a few of them had said applying online through company websites do not really work. As you end up among a stack of other resumes.

Well I tried this and it does work. However, I understand what some HR recruiters state, you will end up as among a stack of others, however I have a way to standout and it's simple. Since applying to a company online on their site can be very time consuming, pick the ones that you really want to apply to and tailor your resume accordingly. No I'm advocating fabricating things, I am suggesting you adjust to meet the job description.

Ex. If a job is calling for you know SQL Server and be able to write queries, and this is a TOP Requirement, and let's say you know SQL Server and how to write queries this but didn't elaborate, well adjust your resume accordingly and elaborate more. Additionally,when you are applying you may be asked for a cover letter, do the same here to, adjust your cover letter accordingly.