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How Many Pages Should My Resume Be?

There is typically no clear cut answer to this.  Bottom Line:  Make sure your resume accurately reflects your experience and gets you an interview. No need to be too drawn out as recruiters and hiring managers, tend to really just scan your resume looking to see what you've done and they look for key words, like "Vulnerability Scanner", "Windows 2008",etc.

However let me elaborate, if you have relevant experience related to the position or positions you are applying for it's best to include it. For example my resume is 6-7 pages, but the positions I applied for are positions all related to IT. I have been in this field for 17 years now. Suffice to say it was almost essential for me to include all my experience. Now in Highschool I worked at a Fast Food place and in College I worked at a Shoe Store (Like Al Bundy ;) ), when I graduated college and was fresh I was trying to get a job so I had to show how my experience at those two jobs, translate to customer service which will allow me:

1. To work in a IT Help Desk for example and be professional
2. Show I can hold down a job
3. Work with others
4. Take direction and complete tasks

Now with the years experience I can show all this in the more recent jobs I had.