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I just received an offer, however it is lower than what I wanted/needed, what should I do?

Simple Answer:

Negotiate. All they can say is no.


Most of the time it's been my experience that before having an interview and therefore being offered a position with the hiring manager, that the company recruiter or HR representative would contact me and ask what my salary expectation is.

However, there are times where no talks of money is mentioned up front. As a good job seeker I ask when the HR manager calls you, to ask in a very polite manner, "...what's the rate for this position." That way you'll know up front if the position is doable.

Remember though that you can always negotiate, the worse thing that can happen is that the company basically says no.

Now all in all you are offered a position and the salary or per hour is just lower that what you wanted or needed, the best course of action is to negotiate. First off I understand it can make you appear money hungry, or ungrateful, and you may be nervous as you might be thinking the company would think you are ungrateful. However, from my experience this is your one shot to start off on the right as far as your expected salary range. What's worse than not negotiating or at least asking, is to start the position, learn how much time is required, and to feel you are under paid. Imagining working somewhere just taking the salary offered and you feel though you are working you can't even pay your mortgage, or have enough left over to buy groceries. Be wise here, visit a site like Glassdoor.com and others like it and look up your position and what a fair rate for this position is. Also be prepared to discuss in brief detail when you are negotiating why you feel you deserve the amount you are looking for, write this out ahead of time. Finally think about adding vacation time, and training to your negotiation. I learned from a former HR Professional that negotiating vacation time, costs the company in terms of monetary value, nothing.

Unless discussed up front most companies may expect you to come in and ask for an amount that you may desire. So don't be afraid to negotiate, all they can say is no.