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I'm not thrilled about the offer I received. What should I do?

Q: What should you do when you received a job offer however, and after you have reviewed it you just are not thrilled about it?

A: Ask for what you want.

In the past I received job offers and because I was a little shy, I would just accept it. However, as I have been mentored by a very smart and well sought after  Human Resource professional, I realized I was always leaving possible money and possible benefits on the proverbial table. Now I wrote "possible" above because though I think you should  ask for what you want, there is no guarantee that you will get what you ask for. To further this my HR mentor also taught me that it doesn't cost a company anything to give you more vacation time, so asking for this as a benefit is a great idea.

That wasn't the only thing that changed my attitude toward job offers and asking for what I want. I realized that this is the ONE and only time I would have a chance to ask for what I wanted.

So here's the bottom line. When you receive an offer, and you are not thrilled about it:

1. Ask for what you want. (Keep in  mind you can simply ask and they can either say yes or no)]
2. This is your ONE chance to ask for what you want.

Bottom line: Remember all you are doing is asking.