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I wasn't offered the position I interviewed for how should I respond?

The best course here is to send a followup email, or if it's on a phone you can ask for feedback.

This happens to everyone of us at some point, so don't feel rejected for whatever reason the Hiring Manager, and perhaps others didn't feel you were the right fit. It's OK, because no matter how interested you were if you were offered the position you may get there and find out it wasn't the right fit. Try not to get worried, move on and look for the next opportunity.

However, to be a good job seeker, the best response is to send a follow up email to whoever informed you, or if they called ask on the spot, "Why didn't I get the position?" and ask them to be open and honest with you because you are interested in improving on whatever you lacked.

I've done this many times, and used the "criticism" as constructive feedback to improve on the next opportunity.