Help Desk Interview Questions

1. Interviewer: Tell me what is a domain name resolution?
-DNS mapping an IP address to a host name for example is the IP address for one of Yahoo's servers

2.  Interviewer: How do you reserve an IP address?
-Using a DHCP server

3.  Interviewer: If you were troubleshooting a computer and you couldn't get to the internet by the name, for example,, what steps would you take?
-I would try to first ping it by name, by opening a command prompt in Windows. I would go to ---Start----Run---and type cmd.
When the command prompt opens I would type: ping
If I get replies then I would think there is some sort of name resolution problem or in other words a DNS issue.

Interviewer: OK so suppose you don't get any replies you just get time outs, now what would you do?
-Well I would then see if the network cable is plugged in, or if the wifi is turned on

Interviewer: OK so suppose the network cable is plugged into the computer, now what?
-I would check to see if there is a link light, if not I would unplug and replug the network cable. Then retest.

Interviewer: OK now suppose there is a link light now what?
-I would start thinking there might be an issue with the internet and if possible check other computers.

Interviewer: OK no one else is having the problem
-In that case I would investigate settings IP settings and check whether the user in fact has an IP address assigned, if drivers are loaded for the Network Interface Card. In fact I might just try a reboot of the computer.
-Or I might just try to release and renew the IP address. By going to Start---Run---typing in CMD, next ty ping in at the command prompt:


4. Interviewer: How would you deal with an irate customer?
-Well in my mind customer service is always number one. I would never would take it personally first next I would say something like: 

"Im so sorry sir or madam, that you are experiencing this issue, but I will do everything in my power to resolve your issue."

5. Interviewer:  Can you work in loud places?
-The answer here is up to you. Most likely a help desk area will be loud and noisy and therefore the interviewer is not asking you this to just be nice but actually finding out if you can handle a noisy area and therefore deal with the noise.

6.Interviewer: You receive a call from an employee that states that she is getting " a page cannot be displayed ". Walk me through troubleshooting this

7.Interviewer: You have received a call from a user stating that he types in a password and the Windows Login prompt and keeps getting error message stating that "The Password is Incorrect". Walk me through your troubleshooting process.