Welcome to IT Interview Questions and Answers!

Most IT interviews are structured in two ways, a HR portion and a Technical portion. The HR portion is where you get a call from a recruiter or an HR representative where they tell you about a position and at that time they may schedule another call with them to ask HR related questions. Then there is the technical portion where a Technical Manager will ask technical IT related questions.  All of these portions may be in person or over the phone or a combination.

Based on our years of experience in the IT Field we put together this comprehensive site. The site is dedicated to helping you land the IT position you have been striving for. Of course you should have some or all of the following:

Certifications and/or Degree
Nice smile
Good firm handshake
etc .

Even with all that our field is unique in a sense where you can almost "train" yourself because most likely by using a computer in your daily life you are learning skills that will enable you to answer questions during the technical portion of the interview during and even beyond the interview.

Our suggestion, is for you to use this site as a study and resource tool.

Review the questions and answers for HR type questions and for the particular job role, ie. Help Desk, Network Engineer,  before you go into the interview and this will be your aid.

Additionally based on our years of experience in this field we share more than just interviews questions and answers, as our goal is to be the most comprehensive site to help in all areas of you career.