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Cover Letter Sample

It is often the case that you'll be applying for a job on LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster,etc. and then you are asked or required to create a Cover Letter before applying along with your stellar Resume.

Many have wondered what should be put into a cover letter, should it be long, detailed, or should it just express your interest in the position. I come from an old school mentality that you just use a cover letter to:

1. Formerly Express your interest in the specific position
2. State why you are interested in the position and why you are a good fit for the position
3. State why you are interested in the company
4. Finally sum it all up by asking the Hiring Manager to review your 'Attached' resume, and add your contact information.

Your resume should speak up for you in regards to why you can do the job.

Here's a sample cover letter that I personally have used and had success with:

January XX, 20xx

Hiring Manager Name (If unknown write in Human Resources)
Very Cool Industries
12345 No Name Stree
Some City, Some State, Zip

Mr.Hiring Manager's Name  (If Unknown simply write Human Resources)

Please accept this letter as my intention to apply for the position of (Position name) with (Company you are applying to).  From the job description and my research I feel I am a great fit for the position because I have extensive work and experience in this field (add anything you like here related to the position) including (say something that you can fulfill based on the job description, pick one or two bullet points from the job description, no more).

From reviewing your website and the reputation that your company has, I would thorougly enjoy working for your company as I feel I fit the company and culture.

Please review my resume, I would very much enjoy the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the position further.  I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number) and or at

Thank you.


Joe Doe