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Sample Thank You Letter

Great now your stellar Resume has done it's job. You had an interview and you felt it went well and you are now even more interested.

How do you put a punctuation on the interview to show you are even more interested now? Simple, a Thank You Letter.

Keep it simple with the Cover Letter:

1. Formerly Thank the interviewer(s) for their time. Stating  that it was nice meeting him/her/them.
2. State that after meeting with all persons involved you are even more interested and why
3. State why you are a good fit (something specific as to what you learned about the position, company, or hiring manager)

Here's a sample Thank You Letter that I personally have used and had success with:

January XX, 20xx

Mr.Hiring Manager's Name  (If Unknown simply write Human Resources)

Thank you for your time and effort in meeting with me in regards to the (State the Position Name)

After meeting with you and your team (if you did) I am even more interested in this role as I feel,I fit the company and culture, and can work well with your team (or something more specific). Equally so I feel my years of experience working with Oracle as a DBA (or whatever you specifically learned from the interview), will contribute well with many projects you have, and ongoing daily tasks.

Thank you again for your time and effort it was a pleasure.


Joe Doe